Note about acknowledging sources of my GIFs

There are many people who ask me about sources of my particular posts. I always reply to such questions (but please, send them via messages, because if you simply post comment it’s very easy to overlook it) but sometimes I simply don’t remeber the source. This is mainly because source videos of lots of my post are downloaded from tube sites so it’s not easy to remember where I’ve gotten them. Also, I’ve sadly lost most of my porn collection because of harddrive crash 🙁

It’s especially hard to remember the sources of JAV (Japanese porn) videos and you’re asking me about them quite a lot. So, I’ve decided that in the future I will mention production codes of source videos in every JAV post. But please keep in mind that I already have lots of JAV GIFs which are sadly unsourced (as I prepare my GIFs in advance) so it will take some time until all JAV GIFs are sourced. 

But I probably wont’t explicitly source other videos because I’m afraid of Internet bots which search the Internet and automatically report supposed copyright infringement. It seems that Tumblr doesn’t really evaluate reported content and it’s deletion policy kinda sucks so I don’t want to put my blog in the harm’s way.

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