The Mysterious Christmas Girl, part IIn the late 19th century,…

The Mysterious Christmas Girl, part I

In the late 19th century, Giuliano, the ancestor of grandpa Gustavo, was preparing for going to bed. It was Advent time and he – an Italian immigrant – lived alone in his small house in the outskirt of London. 

He was mostly happy with his life but there was one thing he desperately missed – a woman. His wife had died decades ago while giving birth and he hadn’t touched a woman ever since. 

Suddenly, someone knocked on his door. He opened it and he was left stunned. There was a young, slim girl in very weird clothes. Actually, she was almost naked except for pantyhose, red bow tied over her body and some tiny pieces of cloth covering her breasts and lap (that was, of course, bra and panties; but that kind of undewear was virtually unknown at that time!). 

“Hello, Giuliano, I’m your Christmas gift,” whispered that mysterious girl to the shocked man and she immediately started to kissing him passionately. Giuliano wasn’t sure what was just happening but he got too much aroused to really think about it. He was totally overwhelmed by her beauty, warmth of her body, softness of her skin and by all those other feminine things which possessed a power to drive a man crazy.  

She took his eager dick into her mouth in order to make it hard and then she just lied on the table with her legs wide open. Giuliano knew what to do. He gently entered her tight, heavily moistened (and completely shaved!) pussy and pounded it balls-deep. It was very pleasurable for both of them and they both moaned in delight.

(Part 1 / 2, go here for the part 2)

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