The Mysterious Christmas Girl, part II(Part 2 / 2, go here for…

The Mysterious Christmas Girl, part II

(Part 2 / 2, go here for the part 1)

After couple of extraordinarily pleasant minutes of fucking on the kitchen table, grandpa Giuliano choosed to nail that mysterious girl also from behind. He was already excited beyond any limits. That fact made his thrusts harder but still highly enjoyable for the girl. 

When he started to feel tired (please rememeber that we are talking about a very old man!), the girl simply told him to lay on the table himself and then she sat on him and rode his proudly erect cock. In the end, she made him cum into her mouth.

Satisfied by an amazing orgasm, the gradpa sat on the chair and continued with examining the girl’s weird clothes while she choosed to rest in his bed. But Giuliano accidentally fell asleep for a couple of minutes and when he woke up, she was gone. 

What was she? Was she a time-traveller from a distant future? Or maybe an angel in the human form who wanted to please good-hearted but lonely old man in the Christmas time? Or was she just some perverted, adventurous girl from the London’s elite society who desired to transgress prudish Victorian morals by fucking a stranger? Nobody knew and nobody will ever know.

The important thing is she managed to give grandpa Giuliano the best fuck of his life. 

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