(In this Christmas time summary, we will talk about Nesty’s new…

(In this Christmas time summary, we will talk about Nesty’s new gangbang scene, about the new Mario Salieri’s movie featuring grandpa Pavel (and we will also speculate whether he fucked a busty Venezuelan woman), about what makes Mea Melone an amazingly hot pornstars although she didn’t want to fuck old men, and also about bizarre grandpa characters in Russian fairy tales and about Christmas discounts on porn.)

New updates on classic old / young sites

Christmas gangbang with Nesty

Every year in the Christmas time, Oldje releases a special gangbang movie.

Morozko has a cult status in the Czech Republic and it’s actually the only Russian movie which is still widely popular among Czechs. I suspect this is mostly because of its bizarre qualities and the fact it features lots of elements of the Russian folklore and traditional culture – so it unintenitionally presents Russians as pretty funny people 🙂 Congenial Czech dubbing only adds to the movie’s humorous tone.

And I ask myself – how come there is no porn parady of Morozko yet? I would definitely like to watch it. And I hope that Mea Melone will change her mind when it happens. Because I want to see her getting fucked by Dědeček Hříbeček himself!

Last remark (this time about Chistmas discounts on porn)

Some porn sites offer discounts in the Christmas time (among them is for example the age gap site Old Goes Young), so I guess you should consider buying some porn you like in order to support its creators 😉 

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