It was a hard night after the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Daddy…

It was a hard night after the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Daddy Kurt and his young girlfriend Inge just wanted to rest in their bed but then they heard someone sneaking into their hotel room through the balcony door! And that was when things turned very weird. 

It showed that the unwelcomed guest was no other than their friend Emma. When caught, she confessed she had a very singular fetish – she liked to dress up like a thief and secretly pry on other people while they were having sex. Inge told her that it was not use to just pry, because she was always welcomed to join her and Kurt in their bed! 

Few minutes after that, Betty, the third girl in this story, was walking the blacony on her way from a sauna. It was late night and almost everyone was sleeping, so she wasn’t ashamed to be completely naked. But then she stopped her walk suddenly: Through the balcony door, she saw Emma wildly bouncing on Kurt’s cock while he was busy with eating Inge’s pussy. What a debauchery!

(Part 1 / 2, go here for the part 2)

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