(Part 2/ 2, go here for the part 1) While Betty had her eyes…

(Part 2/ 2, go here for the part 1)

While Betty had her eyes only for that naughty threesome that was happening in the other room, her boyfriend Hans was already looking for her. And when he spotted her staying there naked and undefended, he was unable to control his lust. 

He grabbed her from behind, took his hard dick out of his pants, slipped it into her pussy and started to fuck her with one mighty thrust. 

But because of his rush copulation effort, Betty body bounced against the balcony door which was not properly closed and they both fell right through them on the floor in the Kurt’s and Inge’s room! 

“My bedroom starts to be too crowded!” said Kurt with an irony is his voice. “What are you folks doing here, for God’s sake?” he continued. 

“We are sorry,” answered Hans, “we were just casually making love on the balcony and something went wrong… But don’t mind us, I just cum and then we’ll go away!”

Kurt didn’t know what to say to that.

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