Mother had hosted another one of her crazy parties. Alcohol had…

Mother had hosted another one of her crazy parties. Alcohol had been readily available to everyone. And even though I’m not legally old enough to drink yet, I had more than my fair share.

As the party wound down, I went to my room and gave in to the drunken need to make myself come.

Later, when Daddy came into my room to check on me, he saw me sprawled naked and unconscious on my childhood bed. With my legs spread and my hand resting low on my tummy, Daddy knew exactly what I had been doing.

When he fingered my bare pussy and found it still wet and ready for cock, he didn’t think twice about what he wanted. It didn’t matter to him that I’m his own daughter. What mattered was that his hard cock was aching and he had the perfect opportunity to find his own release.

So Daddy stripped down to nothing and positioned me to his liking before kneeling between my legs and positioning his hard shaft at the entrance of my cunt. He paused for just a moment to enjoy the sight of his bare cock leaking pre-cum on his own daughter’s clit. And then, thinking of how his seed might look spilling from my cunt, Daddy slowly pushed the full length of his cock into my tight, wet channel.

I didn’t stir as Daddy pumped his cock in and out of my pussy, and he didn’t worry that I might wake up. After all, Daddy had seen how much I had had to drink. Daddy was confident I wouldn’t regain consciousness before he had finished what he had started.

So Daddy kept up his steady pace. Allowing himself to fully enjoy the feel of his own daughter’s cunt wrapped tight around his bare cock. Thinking of how good it would feel to come inside of his baby girl.

As his climax approached, Daddy made sure to keep his cock fully sheathed inside of my pussy. No matter what the consequences, he was determined to come deep inside of me. He wanted to feel his seed spurt from his cock and to know it could be filling his own daughter’s womb.

And he did.

My own Daddy came inside of my pussy.

His cock pulsed within my cunt and Daddy pushed deeper into my channel. He was nearly mindless with the pleasure, but his body shook with thrill of a forbidden orgasm and the need to pump his seed deep inside my womb.  

When he was done, Daddy pulled his cock from my pussy. As he watched the smallest bit of seed dribbled from my pussy, Daddy couldn’t help but smile. If you could’ve seen him, you would know he was more than satisfied with his evening.

Daddy moved off my bed and left my room quietly. And I slept through the night with my Daddy’s seed inside of me and woke with no knowledge of what had happened.  

In the morning, when I complained about my hangover, Daddy just laughed and told me that little girls who drink too much should be prepared to deal with the consequences.

Several weeks later, I could only stare at the positive pregnancy test. When Daddy walked into my bathroom and looked over my shoulder, I burst into tears.

But Daddy didn’t get mad or demand any explanations like I expected. Daddy held me close and gave me comfort.

Once I had calmed down, Daddy simply whispered in my ear that this is exactly what happens to little girls who drink too much. His pleasure in making this statement as evident as his hard cock pressing against my tummy.