The Long Distance RelationshipNeither of them had expected it to…

The Long Distance Relationship

Neither of them had expected it to last. The age difference was huge. However, the sex was great and she’d never experienced her pussy being so wet as when this old man was about to slip his old cock inside her young pussy. But it was difficult when they were apart. She’d go back to college and lying alone in her dorm room she’d miss the warm fatherly security she felt when he was around. The texted and skyped a lot but the one thing that was best was watching the videos they made of themselves making love out in his garden during the summer. He’d set up a video camera on a tripod and capture the best erotic moments between them.

Then, during the long winter months, they’d talk on the phone and play the videos while each of them masturbated. She’d tell him which scene she wanted to watch and he’d get the video on his screen while he stroked his cock and she fingered herself on the other end of the line. She tell him what she liked about the scene and how she loved it when he touched her in a certain way. And then there was the age gap. She loved to see how much older he looked next to her young smooth body. It was like mastubating to a tumblr age-gap blog only this time she and her older lover were in the images she was getting off too. They’d breathe heavily over the line to each as they both came in real life at the same time as they came in the video. It made the winters much shorter and the separation more bearable.