Anonymous asked:

How its possible that I’ve got a really nice father and I love him so much and I look only for much older men in his age? Am I the only one who has a father and somehow has ‘daddy issues’?

That’s a very good question – and a deep one. I may not do justice with an answer, given space limitations and not knowing you at all. Perhaps the strong relationship with your father serves as a subconscious model in which you seek that type of love, maturity, and stability in other older men, traits you cannot find in younger guys. Perhaps it is part of your psyche, just as mine pulls me to prefer younger women. And, no, you are not the only one!

The term “daddy issues” strikes me as a bit pejorative, so I avoid it. I’m not sure I would use it in your situation anyhow. I hope you have a friend or special gentleman with whom you can explore these fascinating introspections. Trying to understand our attractions and motivations is such a sweet part of life. Good luck!