Introducing grandpa Pavel


As you may have noticed, the guy I call grandpa Pavel is one of my favourite male pornstars and probably the luckiest senior citizen in the whole Czech Republic, since he fucked hundreds or thousands of beatiful young babes and got paid for it.

I can’t help myself to by little bit jelaous with him but on the other hand, he has done terrifc work in the field of old / young porn and he has my deepest admiration for it 🙂

Grandpa Pavel’s full name is probably “Pavel Halabica”, he is sixty-something, lives in Prague and works in the porn industry for more than 10 years. From the beginning, he does mainly scenes with young girls which is probably the reason he says his work is also great pleasure for him 🙂 

You could have seen him in many well-known old / young series like Old Farts Young Tarts, Oldje, or Old Goes Young.


I personally like him for two main reasons:

1) His appearance.

He is certainly not the oldest grandpa in the porn industry, but I think he has really great ‘grandpa’ look – with his thin silver hair, full beard, small dick and – in hist best times – nicely shaped big belly he looks like an ordinary grandpa next door and it’s very arousing to watch him pounding young beauties.

2) His passion for young girls. 

Having sex is fun. But having sex in front of cameras is also work and it’s no always so pleasurable. So, there are lot’s of porn movies with men who look totally stoic or even bored although their dicks are just wobbling inside pussies of amazingly hot women. This is definetely not the case of grandpa Pavel. You can always clearly tell from his blushing face and apparent excitement that he loves young girls and is eager to fuck them. And it’s obvious that watching a gradpa and a girl enjoying themselves while having sex it’s much more arousing than just watching two people mechanically fucking with indifferent faces.

OK, image speaks a thousand words, so lets recall some grandpa Pavel’s great moments:

A scene form his early years in the porn industry:


Just few years ago, he was very chubby which is probably something he wasn’t happy about, but I think he looked great that way:


He has lost much of his weight recently but none of his greatness 🙂 This stunningly beautiful scene with Alice Marshall proves it:


So, grandpa Pavel, you are my hero! Live long and keep making young girls happy! 🙂