The IllustratorShe knew that studying any kind of arts at…

The Illustrator

She knew that studying any kind of arts at college ran the risk of ending up with her flipping burgers but digital art was what she loved so she threw herself headlong into the best course she could find. Four years later she proudly stepped onto the graduation platform and then out into life in the big bad real world. As expected, being a graphic artist and animator was competitive. Getting a job was hard but she soon found that paying the rent in a city like London was way harder. Something about the capitalist system must be awry when the more you worked, the less affordable a decent place to live became. After several moves she ended up sharing a small apartment with two other girls not far from the Tower of London but privacy was not included in the arrangement. When just one of the girls decided to have a boyfriend stay for the night, the other two were left in no doubt as to whether the sex was good or not. It wasn’t that the walls were thin. It was that there just weren’t enough walls in the right places.

After slogging through a steamy summer and a daily commute packed into sweltering tube trains, the onset of a cold and rainy winter made her question her life choices. She looked in the mirror one morning at her pale and sun-starved skin and wondered if this would be the next 20 years before there was enough money to move to the promised land of leafy suburbs beyond the M25 ring road. Then there was a text on her phone. A friend was going to spend a long weekend on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, did she want to come along. Just an air ticket was needed. They had a spare bed in the apartment they had rented.

A few days later she was in a taxi with her friends, on her way from the small Spanish airport where they landed to the coast. When they got to the apartment, it was small as her London place but who cared? A few minuted walk and they were at a beach front with endless ocean on one side and a line of bars and restaurants on the other.

By the third day, the change in her mood was remarkable. Dull, gray London seemed like a universe away and the warmth of southern Europe had soaked into her soul. She got up and wandered out alone down to the shops by the beach to buy a coffee in a cafe and just look out for an hour or so at the ocean. Inside the cafe, she didn’t notice him at first. He was just some old guy reading a magazine as he sipped a latte in the corner. Then she noticed what he was reading. It was a copy of ‘Animation’ magazine.

Tourists in strange places often don’t act they would in their native environment. They seem to develop an openness and friendliness that they would never allow themselves at home. This must have been the case for her when she went over and introduced herself. He looked up from reading as she approached. Would it be alright to join him? She couldn’t help noticing he was reading Animation magazine. She was a graphic artist from London. She loved animation, she explained as she sat opposite with her coffee.

He smiled broadly and said he’d love it if she joined him. He was in his early sixties with a kind, open face and she felt very relaxed and comfortable as he asked about what she was doing in Spain. He explained he had retired to the coast from the UK. He was single and spent his days in a house nearby working on some animated movie ideas. She listened intently as he explained he was using Maya, Nuke and Z-Brush as his main tools and described the kind of short movies he had made so far. Rendering was a bit of problem even with the fastest graphics cards on the market but he discovered that uploading tasks to commercial render farm services was the best solution for complex scenes.

She was enthralled as she pictured this man’s solitary existence as he did the things she really loved in the most perfect environment she could imagine. She asked him if it was possible if she could see what he was working on. He folded his magazine and said he’d be delighted to. They wandered up to his villa and walked through an airy, modest house to the room where he worked. He leaned over his shoulder as he tapped on keys and clicked the mouse button to bring up his creations on a big 4K monitor. She’d never thought of herself with a much older man before but she was breathing in his smell as he explained his work. There was this attraction she was feeling towards him that she couldn’t quite explain. He was around forty years older but somehow she felt like she’d found the kindred spirit that she might possibly have been looking for.

When it was time to leave, he must have sensed something too. He asked her if she’d like to come back for dinner that evening, even though it was her last. She replied she loved to and went to kiss him on the cheek to say thank you but somehow that light peck turned into a full and passionate meeting of their lips and then clothes were removed and his old cock was in her young pussy.

A few hours later she sent a text to her roommates in London. They’d have to find someone to replace her. She wasn’t coming back.