experienceisbest: The Aphrodisiac is You In the beginning she…


The Aphrodisiac is You

In the beginning she had always assumed that a man so much older than she was would have trouble making love more than once a day. What she found was that he couldn’t keep his hands off her. Even before she was fully awake he would be stroking her breasts under the bed sheet and gently pressing his erect old cock into her young pussy while he kissed her neck. Sometimes, he’d have her bend over in the hallway before she could out of the door so he could lift her skirt up and fuck her a second time that morning with her panties around her ankles, so she’d get to college and be sitting in lectures with his cum dripping out and soaking her panties.

As soon as she got home after classes, he’d be asking her about her day while he put his hand in her panties to stroke her cunt and kiss her face. Then he’d lift up her skirt, unbutton his trousers and take her on the kitchen worktop surrounded by cooking pots and the food he was preparing. Afterwards, she’d take a shower, he’d cook, they’d eat together and then settle down on the sofa to watch a movie together. They wouldn’t be half an hour into the movie before his hand was in her panties again and she would be stroking his stiff cock before he started licking her pussy while she blew him. Then she would be riding him hard on the sofa while he sucked at her breasts followed by her kneeling over the sofa so he could ram his cock in from behind. To finish, he loved it when she knelt down and he jerked his load into her willing, open mouth before he told her what a good girl she was when she swallowed down his load.

No, he didn’t need Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. She was the only drug he needed.

Scenes like this one are the reason I love old / young porn. Incredibly beautiful, lovely and arousing!