A New Mummy and DaddyCollege was great but she hated the…

A New Mummy and Daddy

College was great but she hated the weekends. The other girls I her dorm would often go home to their families and she wished she could do the same, but her family was too dysfunctional for her to cope. Her parents had never shown any love towards each other, let alone her, and after they separated, she had become a pawn that they had shuffled between them, transporting with her the baggage of their failed relationship.

No, she didn’t want to go home. In fact, what she needed was new parents. She had been masturbating regularly to tumblr porn and she didn’t know why but the porn that made her cum the most was images of young women like herself in threesomes with an older couple. Maybe she could find a couple like that? She wasn’t sure.

It took some some time and some effort but she finally made contact with a well educated middle class couple who had no children of their own. She found them on a forum for swingers, although they said group sex wasn’t what they wanted. They were really just looking for one special young women to “have fun” with them and be like the daughter they never had. The first meeting with them was nerve wracking for her, but when they had been chatting for just an hour, she felt so warm and comfortable with this couple that she knew it could work. They had traveled a lot and seen the world but looked really good for a couple in their sixties. They had a house out in the country, just an hour from the campus and it wasn’t long before she was spending almost every weekend with them.

These weekends became what she looked forward to during the week and made studying so much easier. She’d leave Friday afternoon and spend the next few days being loved like she’d never been loved before. They treated her like a daughter but a daughter who they shared everything with, including their bodies and their bed. They would cook for her, take her out for meals and visits to interesting places. When they got back they would all make love together. The couple had a huge bed and she would sleep in the middle between them. She loved the feeling of both their arms draped around her as she dozed off to sleep after all the intense orgasms she would have had during the day. They never pressured her to do anything but she soon found out that she had very few boundaries with them. She loved that one minute she could be sucking the husbands cock while his wife was eating out her pussy, then the next minute she could be riding his cock while his wife licked her asshole. They always treated her like a special princess who they lavished their attention on.

It wasn’t long before it felt natural to address them as ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’. She felt like a little girl again with all the affection and attention they gave her. When she got back to college on Monday, her friends would remark how relaxed and happy she seemed. She’d hesitate and bite her tongue when she was on the point of telling them how she’d been fucking her new parents all weekend and she’d cum countless times. They just wouldn’t understand.