The Couple in the MallThey’d walk around the mall at weekends….

The Couple in the Mall

They’d walk around the mall at weekends. It was a little crowded but she loved to shop for clothes and shoes. There were always a lot of young guys hanging out there and they’re eyes would light up when she came by. She always wore tight clothes to show off her young gorgeous body and she loved to make sure people noticed her new full breasts that she recently had done.

The young men couldn’t help but nudge each other and comment how hot she looked and what amazing rack she had. That old fat dude with her must be her father, right? They’d start thinking they had a chance when suddenly the couple would stop and turn to each other and the old fat man would caress the waist of the young women and they would kiss passionately on the lips as she pressed her body close into his.

The young men would stop in their tracks as they processed what they were seeing. Then, suddenly the truth would dawn on them. It wasn’t any of their cocks this gorgeous young woman would be sucking later on. It was this old fat man’s cock. And judging by the way they were kissing, his old cock would be buried deep in her young pussy shortly after that.