The InterviewShe clearly had a problem and it all started with…

The Interview

She clearly had a
problem and it all started with those perverted age-gap blogs on
tumblr which she had stumbled across accidentally and then they
became an addiction because she found nothing else got her off so
strongly. Shortly after that she knew she had to somehow find a way
to meet older men in an intimate setting so something romantic might

She had all the
necessary skills to be a good secretary and she got a tip from a
friend that there were always jobs available in town as a PA. That’s
when she developed her strategy for gradual seduction.

In the interview
she’d make sure she appeared as demure and professional as possible.
Little makeup, sensible shoes, long skirts. She didn’t want to appear
like an airhead who couldn’t do the job. More importantly, she wanted
to size up her potential boss. How much older was he? Under
fifty-five really wasn’t in the right ballpark. On the other hand he
had to look fit enough to give her what she needed sexually. And was
he married. Spotting the wedding ring or spotting framed pictures of
loved ones provided a wealth of information. And most importantly of
all, who else worked in the office. Ideally it would just be the two
of them.

On her first day on
the job she would appear much as she’d done at the interview. After
that, it was a gradual slope towards complete success. Hemlines would
go up, as necklines went down. Her heels got higher as her mascara
got thicker and her lipstick got redder. Instead of hair tied behind,
her locks would flow around her shoulders. And it usually worked.
She’d walk in for work and notice how her bosses cheeks reddened.
Then she’d sense how they found random reasons to look over her
shoulder at some meaningless document. And finally, when the heels
couldn’t go any higher or the neckline any lower, they wouldn’t be
just standing behind her reading they’d have their hand in her
panties. That’s when she knew she had really passed the interview.