A tribute to Ai Uehara



Ai Uehera is former Japanese AV Idol and a dream girl of many men regardless their age and nationality. All the jizz that has been spilled over her photos and vides would probably make an ocean. 

She was born in Fukuoka, Japan in the 1992 and she started her career in 2011. Until she retired at the end of 2015, she’s done hundreds of amazing videos, including gangbangs, public sex, pissing, and the most importantly, sex with grandpas. I would say that her episode in the Forbidden Care series (production code GVG-012) is among the hottest and most beautiful age gap videos ever created. 


Ai Uehera is also a perfect example of here, she has also very nice and tasty-looking pussy.

She’s a stunningly sweet and cute girl who is at the same time very attractive in the sexual way.  

So, here’s the list of all posts with her I have on blog. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do 🙂

Main sex scenes from the Forbidden Care series:

Fucking a grandpa on couch, part 2

Grandpa teasing Ai in her sleep, part 1

Grandpa teasing Ai in her sleep, part 2

Other sex scenes with old(er) men:

Ai is nailed by a perverted grandpa in her flat, part 1

Ai is nailed by a perverted grandpa in her flat, part 2 

Ai is nailed by a perverted grandpa in her flat, part 3

Scenes from the Forbidden Care where Ai’s pussy is not penetrated:

Ai feeding a grandpa a mouth to mouth style

Old (lower quality) GIFs from the Forbidden Care sex scenes:

Grandpa teasing Ai in her sleep


Today, Ai Uehara celebrates her 24th birthday. Because I think that the best way ho to appreciate this extraordinary woman and her wonderful work is to cum to her, I’m reblogging this list of her old / young scenes. And here you have also some of my favourite GIFs with her from other (non-old/young) blogs:

Ai gets her pussy banged in uncensored post