Lia Louise: “Grandpa Egon, come on. It’s…

Lia Louise: “Grandpa Egon, come on. It’s just a morning and you’re already horny!?”

Egon: “I can’t help it, sweety. Seems I can’t satisfy my cock using just my hand. Would you mind if I fuck you right now? Feeling your pussy might help.”

Lia Louise: “OK, go on. Take off my panties and please yoursef. But be quick. I have to hurry to work!”

Egon (accompanied by moans and smacking sounds): “Oh, yes, this feels great. But I still don’t feel like cuming! Could you please give me a handjob…or maybe a blowjob?”

Lia Louise: “Well, something warm and sticky just slid into my stomach…So, I suppose you’re fine now. But I have to brush my teeth once again.”

Egon (2 minutes later from the another room): “Oh no, I’ve just got another boner!”