New Younger Friend

I met a young lady online recently,  she is a premed student at a local prestigious college.  We exchanged numbers, txted a while, shared pics and got to know each other.  We decided to meet for a sushi dinner during her summer exams to give her a break from studying.  I picked her up at her apartment building near campus and we hugged when we met.  She is 20 years old, 5 ‘ 2″, slender and of Indian heritage.  She was wearing a very cute and flirty short sun dress and it showed off her absolutely beautiful breasts, legs and butt.  We had a short ride to the restaurant and I admit I had a very difficult time keeping my eyes focused on her and not her cleavage.    We drew many long looks from the other patrons of the restaurant, as we were an unusual couple,  a man in his late 50′s and a stunning beautiful college coed. 

We had a delicious dinner that pasted too quickly and I could tell that she wanted to continue the “date”  I asked if we could go to her place and watch some nextflix.  She said her roommate was there so she would rather not.  I live about 45 mins away so I suggested that we grab a hotel and we could chill out, have a beer or two and watch nextflix.  She nodded eagerly and I booked a nearby hotel room.  After we checked in we went to the room and she sat down on the couch while I connected my tablet to the TV to steam nextflix.  After I got it set up I started back over to the couch, I found she was standing in the center of the room biting her bottom lip and twisting her fingers in her long hair.  I went over to her, took her face in my hands and began to kiss her softly.  She responded passionately and soon we kissing deeply, tongues exploring each other and  my hand was rubbing her pussy through her panties. I slid her dress down over her shoulders and it dropped to the floor,  I unhooked her sexy bra and took one of her perfect breasts in my mouth and sucked and gently bit her nipples (ok maybe not so gently).  I was rewarded by the sexiest moan that I have heard and she said ”Jeff dont stop, it feels sooooo good”.  I had other ideas so after adequate attention was paid to her breasts, I scooped her up, carried her to the bed and placed her on the bed gently.  I proceed to kiss, lick and bite her up and down her arms, torso, hips, legs being careful not to touch her pussy.  I could feel the tension and anticipation building in her and when I finally kissed he now very wet pussy, she let out a gasp and a large sigh as I used my tongue to taste her delicious juices.  By now her was holding my wavy hair and clearly enjoying the moment.  I slipped a finger in her and pressed on her gspot and almost instantly I felt her pussy squeeze down on my finger and her hips stated moving in sync with my tongue.

I was, by now, shall we say ready?  I was hard as a rock and I ripped my shirt off and lowered my pants and boxers,  she let out a little gasp when she saw my hard cock and she said it was so big with a worried look on her face.  I wiped her pussy juices from my face and wet the tip of my cock, grabbed her legs and pulled her to the site of the bed and slipped my cock into her very wet pussy.  As I slid in and out of her, our hips were slapping together and we were making a good bit of noise between our moaning and the slapping sound.  I got on my back and asked her to get on top and I was rewarded by the lovely sight of my beautiful young friend riding my cock, breasts bouncing,  my very white cock disappearing inside of her.  Normally I can last a very long time in this position and today was no different and she was cumming over and over again while riding my cock.

I was feeling the deep need to cum inside my young friend and so I picked her up off my cock and got on top of her and proceeded to pound my cock into her.  She was holding on for dear life,  arms around my neck and her legs wrapped around me.  I lost track of time and as I felt the beginning of my climax,  I growled into her ear, “Baby, I am going to cum inside you”, she responded by holding me tighter and that pushed me over the edge,  I roared as I pumped her full of cum.  My orgasm must have lasted a minute and my cock pumped over and over again.

We collapsed and fell asleep and we never did get a chance to watch any netflix.