(Part 1 / 2, go here for the part 2)

(Part 1 / 2, go here for the part 2)

Well, it seem that we are currently dealing with new generation of Czech porn actresses who are not afraid to reveal their real names and be open about their private identities and lifes.

We have Drahomíra Jůzová (Lady Dee), Karolína Urbanová (Daisy Lee) and Andrea Kučerová (Naomi Bennet). Thanfully, all these girl have made some age gap movies. But not so many as another Czech beauty of this sort – Tereza Konečná aka Tera Link.

Tera is just 19 but she’s quickly becoming very popular as she’s stunningly beautiful and also very skillful and open-minded. It shows she really like sex and she has already made numerous movies with old guys. We could have seen her in about 10 age gap videos so far!

What also interesting about her it’s that she has a young boyfriend! Do you think that he watches her movies with old guys? Does he like it? Does he even masturbate to it? Or does Tera talk to him about her experiences with old guys when they have sex? Does it arouse him when he knows he shares her pussy with guys who are in the age of his granddad?